South End Fire Station Building Committee


  • 3rd Thursday of the month, or as needed

Meeting Minutes Archive

South End Fire Station Minutes Archive

Committee Members

  • James Tusino, Chairperson
    Term Expires: 2023
  • Michael Bourque, Vice Chairperson
    Term Expires: 2023
  • Nicholas Rondeau, Clerk / Secretary
    Term Expires: 2023
  • Oscar Elmasian, Member
    Term Expires: 2024
  • David Sullivan, Jr., Member
    Term Expires: 2023


  • Appointed By: Moderator
  • Members: Five
  • Term: Project term, reappointment every three years
  • Meeting Schedule: Monthly
  • Legal Basis: Town Charter Article 8, Section 5; Town By-Laws Category 1

About the Committee

On June 22, 2020, the Town voted to appropriate the sum of $425,000, or any other amount, to pay for the costs of designing, planning, and engineering the construction of a South End Fire Station on land owned by the Town of Seekonk at 36 School Street. The Town further authorized Moderator to establish a five-member building committee to facilitate the project or take any other action relative thereto.

On September 18, 2020, Town Moderator Peter Hoogerzeil announced the appointees to the South End Fire Station Committee. The announcement was read into the record at the Board of Selectmen's meeting on September 30, 2020.

Information on meetings

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