Human Services & Council On Aging

Outside of Senior Center.

Mission Statement

The mission of Seekonk Human Services is to assist in the well-being of Seekonk's older population and residents of any age who are in need of social services due to economic hardship, health issues, family circumstances, or personal loss. We recognize the innate worth of every person in our community and strive to respect their dignity.

We seek to maintain and enhance the quality of life of our elder citizens by providing opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, intellectual stimulation, community service, and health clinics.

We assist qualified residents in need of food, clothing, housing, health care, transportation, legal or tax services directly or by introducing them to a network of federal, state, and local support services.

We try to offer effective, quality services that respond to community needs, promote continuous improvement of staff skills and performance, encourage an environment of trust and honesty, and provide services that are accessible and equitable.

Staff Contacts