Adopt-A-Drain Program

Do you live near a metal-grated storm drain that accumulates garbageBlocked Storm Drain, leaves, and sticks after rain events? Perhaps the drain causes some flooding in the street. If so, you can apply to "adopt" the drain, and in exchange for your care, you will receive a free roll of trash bags each year.

The Adopt-A-Drain Program is a partnership between the Town and residents with the goal being to keep the drains cleared on a regular basis so they don't become blocked during heavy rains causing flooding and to report any pollutants that may be flowing to the drain. Let's keep Seekonk's waters clean.

Here's how it works

  • You let us know which drain you want to adopt.
  • If the drain is a part of the public storm sewer system, is subject to debris accumulation, and has not already been adopted, we will assign it to you.
  • We will give you a free roll of trash bags each year that you participate.
  • Your obligation is to simply keep the debris off your adopted drain. Check it regularly, especially before or after storms.
  • Report any pollutants flowing into the drain such as oils, detergents, paint, etc. to one of our hotline numbers. The Public Works office at 508-336-7407 or the Conservation office at 508-336-2944.

Remember, anything that flows into these drains ends up in our streams, rivers, bays, and eventually the ocean.

To adopt a drain

If you are interested in adopting a drain, please download an application (PDF). Complete the application, sign it and return it to

Seekonk Public Works
Attention: Adopt-A-Drain
871 Taunton Avenue
Seekonk, MA 02771