Ambulance Reports & Billing

ChartSwapRequests for billing must be done through the ChartSwap website. If you have any difficulty obtaining billing information, please email ChartSwap as we do not have any way of obtaining billing information through the Fire Department.

Important information: When requesting a bill through ChartSwap, please ensure that you are selecting the appropriate option for the requested date of service. The Seekonk Fire Department is listed twice within ChartSwap, please verify that the entity you have selected covers the date of service requested. For additional information, please view the ChartSwap Example (PDF).

Ambulance Report

Requests by Attorneys and Insurance providers must include the following:

  • Formal written request with the patient's name, date of birth, and date of incident
  • Signed patient release for information covering all dates of service
  • $20 check or money order made payable to the Town of Seekonk

Requests by Patients:

  • Complete a Report Request Form (located under forms)
  • Provide a valid picture identification for verification. (Any requests made by a patient will require proof of identification in accordance with HIPPA)