How To Make a Payment

The Collector's Office collects the following bills:

  • Disposal (trash)
  • Boat Excise
  • Motor Vehicle Excise
  • Personal Property
  • Police/Fire Detail Billing
  • Real Estate

Bill Payment Methods

Please Note: We do not accept Water District payments at the Town Hall. View the Seekonk Water District website for more information.

In Person

All of the bills stated above (with the exception of bills on Warrant), can be paid in person by Cash, Check, Credit Card or Debit Card at the Collector's Office located within the Seekonk Town Hall, 100 Peck Street, during regular office hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday 8:30 am to 7 pm
  • Friday 8:30 am to noon (noon)

Upon payment, a receipt or paid stamped document will be provided.

Credit cards are accepted at the tax counter with the applicable fee charged by the credit card company.

View the Seekonk Water District Fees (PDF).

By Mail

  • Current Bills (Real Estate, Personal Property, Disposal (trash), and Motor Vehicle Excise) should be mailed to Town of Seekonk, PO Box 504, Medford, MA 02155-0006.
  • Demand Bills along with Boat Excise and Police/Fire Details should be mailed to Collector’s Office, Town of Seekonk, 100 Peck Street, Seekonk, MA 02771-5199
  • Warrants (Motor Vehicle Excise, Boat Excise, Personal Property) should be mailed to Deputy Collector of Taxes, PO Box 397, Reading, MA 01867

Please include the remittance copy in order to ensure that your payment is properly credited.

By Phone

Our office does not process payments over the phone.

After Hours Payment Box

Town of Seekonk Offical Drop Box

For your convenience, there is a secured metal drop box located directly outside the front entrance of the Seekonk Town Hall. While this box was installed to make bill paying convenient when the building is not open, payments may be dropped in this box at anytime. Please be advised that this box is only opened by staff once per day at 8:30 am.

Payments that are left in the box after 8:30 am will be credited to your account the next business day. Please be aware of the due date of your bill in order to ensure that your payment is credited on time to avoid late charges.

Please note: If the building is open and your bill is due that day, it is advised to make the payment at the office to avoid additional fees.

Pay Bills On-Line (Unipay)

Real Estate, Personal Property, Disposal (trash), Motor Vehicle Excise may be paid online by having your payment electronically deducted from your checking/savings account, or by using your credit card (Master Card®, Visa®, and Discover®). If you would like to take advantage of this convenient method, go to our Home Page and click the button marked "Pay or View Your Bill Online" or click here. The town's pay online system is offered by Unibank and is a secure site. You should have your bill and payment method in front of you for reference before you begin the process.

Payment by Electronic Debit from Your Checking/Savings Account: You will be guided through a series of steps so that your payment is deducted directly from your checking account and sent electronically to the Town's account. Payments using this method are.50.

Pay by Credit Card (Master Card®, Visa®, and Discover®): You may also pay by using your Credit card. Be advised, there is a transaction fee for this service based on the amount of your payment. This fee is charged by the credit card company, not the Town.

The above mentioned bill types can be paid by the online method up to 11:59 pm of the bill's due date. Example: 3rd Quarter Real Estate would have to be processed by 11:59 pm February 1st. Once past the due date, payment by this method can not be accepted.

  • Partial Payments online may be made on Real Estate, Personal Property and Disposal (Trash) bills
  • Partial Payments may not be made on Motor Vehicle Excise bills
  • Payments can be scheduled in advanced

Why Use This Online Payment Service Rather Than Your Bank's Online Payment Service

Your bank's online service issues a paper check based on your data entry and mails the payments to the Town through the U.S. Postal System, not electronically. Your money is deducted from your account 3 to 7 days before the payment is issued. There is a time delay between your online data entry and the Town actually receiving your payment via paper check being mailed by your bank. Town staff must produce a remittance slip for all checks received, using references recorded on your bank-generated check as the sole source for your payment identification. Frequently, data on the check references prior payments made to the Town, and/or incorrect information and thus jeopardizes accurate payment application. The Town of Seekonk electronic transfer system is a real-time, safe, secure payment. You designate a specific bill for payment.

Check Payments

The Town of Seekonk only accepts checks made payable to the "Town of Seekonk".

  • Please pay careful attention to the written line; we must always take the amount written on this line.
  • Please do not make checks payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Reasons your payment check may be returned to you:

  • We do not accept third party checks, even with an endorsement
  • We do not accept post-dated checks, that is, checks dated for the future
  • Submitted check or money order is unsigned
  • Our office does not accept partial payments on Motor Vehicle Excise. See Motor Vehicle Excise page for more information on this topic
  • If your property is in the process of a tax title, and our office has attempted to notify you that cash, bank checks and/or certified personal checks are the only acceptable forms of payment. Please call if you are unsure
  • If your property is in the process of a tax taking recording stage, all payments will be returned during this 14 day period. Please call if you are unsure
  • We were not given proper information as to where to apply a payment
  • The account is paid in full

Insufficient Funds Checks

Any check which is returned to the office having not been honored by the payer's bank, will be subject to the statutory penalty as outlined in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 60, Section 57A. The Penalty is 1% of the face value of the check with a minimum charge of $25.

If your check is returned to us, we will not redeposit it until we have collected the $25 penalty charge. If the penalty is not paid, we will charge back the payment to the appropriate account (taxes, excise, etc). If the insufficient funds check was in payment of a tax bill, and if payment due date has passed, interest and all other applicable fees will be charged to the account.

Timely Payments

Payments must be received in the Collector's Office by the due date in order to be considered "on time." Postmarks are never accepted. This policy is in accordance with the ruling of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue on what constitutes "timely payments." (Example of a timely payment: A disposal bill is due Thursday October 20, 2023. Payment must be made, either by mail or person, in the Collector's Office by 4:30 pm, the close of normal business hours.)