Seekonk Police Honor Guard

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Our present-day Honor Guard began forming in 2001. To get started, we raised funds in a variety of ways that included running a concession stand at the former Foxboro Stadium for New England Patriots games. The money raised was utilized to purchase our dress uniforms, flags, and other associated equipment. To date, we remain a self-funded group.

Our basic dress uniform was derived from a 1960s photograph which depicts a Seekonk Police Officer wearing a dark navy blue blouse, dark navy trousers, with a crush-style hat (see old department photos on this website). The crush-style hat, which is reminiscent of an old motor officer's cap, remains in use today. On certain occasions we wear straight-leg trousers with our dress uniform. Typically, we wear breeches and riding boots. Unlike many other Honor Guards, the boots we wear are a lace-up style that is similar to the style worn by the Canadian Mounted Police and Rhode Island State Police. Several years ago we added a campaign hat to our uniform for Summer wear.

We made our first public appearance in 2002 when several of our original members participated in vigil to commemorate Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Weekend in Plainville, MA. The first parade we participated in was the 2002 Aquidneck Island National Police Parade in Rhode Island. Our first parade appearance in Seekonk was the 2002 Memorial Day Parade.

We continue to participate in various parades and are often invited to appear at many community functions. We also, sadly, have appeared at many funerals throughout the region to pay our final respects to police officers, fire fighters, and members of the Armed Services who have died in the line of duty.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and we look forward to representing the Seekonk Police Department and the Town of Seekonk in the most-honorable way.