911 Silent Call Procedure

The Silent Call procedure is a unique program in the Massachusetts Enhanced 911 system that allows a caller who is unable to verbally communicate their emergency over the phone to receive the appropriate response.

If you need to call 911 and you are unable to speak for any reason, such as a physical disability, domestic violence or home invasion follow these simple steps using a wireline touchtone phone:

First Dial 911

When the call is answered, indicate your need by pressing the appropriate number on your telephone:

  • If you need Police, press 1
  • If you need the Fire Department, press 2
  • If you need an Ambulance, press 3

Only available from a wireline Touch-Tone phone in Massachusetts

The 911 dispatcher will send the appropriate responding agencies.

Remember, the silent call procedure only works from a landline touchtone telephone and the dispatcher must first answer before pressing buttons.