Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses
  • Both parties must appear in person.
  • You must have a picture ID. Driver's license, Passport or any other form of picture ID.
  • You will be asked to complete a 3-page form called " Marriage Intention papers".
  • It is a $40 fee - CASH or CHECK ONLY made payable to the Town of Seekonk.
  • There is a three (3) day waiting peroid in Massachusetts before you can use it. If you come in on a Monday it will be ready by Thursday. Please note Seekonk Town Hall closes on Fridays at Noon. We are open on Wednesday nights till 7:00PM.
  • The Intention is good for sixty(60) days.
  • Massachusetts statutes prohibit marriage of a party who is under the age of eighteen (18) without court authorization. Statutes also require that proof of age is presented, when legal age is in doubt.
  • The Town Clerk and Asst. Town Clerk are both Justice's of the Peace. Service fee is $100. If you plan on getting married at Town Hall we will discuss the details with you when you come in to fill out your intention papers. 

Please Note: You can apply for a Massachusetts Marriage License in any Massachusetts municipality. It does not matter what state you live in, you just have to apply in the State you wish to be married in.