Cemetery Information

Seekonk has two cemeteries. Seekonk Newman Avenue Cemetery and Seekonk Dexter Avenue Cemetery

The Town Clerk’s Office maintains the records for both Seekonk Cemeteries. The Seekonk Newman Cemetery  is located on Newman Avenue next to the Hurly Middle School. The Seekonk Dexter Avenue Cemetery is located off West River St. which is off of West Ave. which is off Newman Ave. near the Rumford, RI town line near the Turner Reservoir. 

Lots are available as follows:

Seekonk Residents  
Single Lot $600.00Perpetual Care $250.00Total $850.00 (prices subject to change check with Town Clerk)
Single Lot $800.00 Perpetual Care $450.00 Total $1,250.00 (prices subject to change check with Town Clerk)

CemeteryWe ask that people be respectful when deocrating around graves. Please do not encroach on graves next to one another. We ask that you only plants flowers.Trees and shrubs grow too large and become very difficult and costly to maintain. It is difficult for the maintenace crew to mow and trim around graves if there are plants or items placed in front or to the sides of the markers. The Town can not be responsible for any trees or shrubs that have been accidently mowed or trimmed back.

If an emeregency comes up please call Skip Borrelli and we will try and accomodate you as best we can. Thank you.

If you want to purchase a grave  please call the Town Clerk's office 508-336-2920. Questions concerning the care of the cemetery call the Cemetery Caretaker: Skip Borrelli (401) 286-7425.