Projects Under Construction

1. Fall River Ave (Route 114A) at Arcade Ave Intersection Improvement Project

Work on this project includes geometric improvements, the installation of the traffic signals, sidewalks, and drainage improvements. In addition, it includes Bridge Rehabilitation of Fall River Avenue over the Runnins River. Schedule: Work began July 6th, 2015 and is anticipated to be complete by May 2nd, 2017. The final Signal Plan can be viewed by clicking here.

Phase 1 Construction

The link below shows the proposed modifications associated with Phase 1 currently under construction.

This includes modifications to the median island. The nose of the island is being removed to realign Arcade Avenue at Fall River Avenue, reducing the skewed alignment that currently exists. This will allow for the right-turn movement from Arcade Avenue to Fall River Avenue as well as left-turn movement from Fall River Avenue to Arcade to occur at a single point - a more traditional 'T-intersection'. The modifications include the elimination of the Mill Road extension along the Grist Mill frontage - note the barricades depicted. In addition, Mill Road will continue to be a two-way road with only a right-turn movement allowed at Arcade Avenue. Finally, a bump-out will be created with barrier along Fall River Avenue just south of Mill Road to slow traffic and reduce the skewed alignment. Vehicles will need to make a right-turn movement to continue on Arcade Avenue rather than the straight through movement that currently exists.

Phase 2 Construction