Snow Storm Related FAQ's

Why is snow plowed into my driveway?

Snow is plowed from the center of the road to the curb or gutter line. This is the only method possible to properly clear the roads. We don’t want to put snow in your driveway but we have no choice. Please do not ask the snowplow driver to plow the entrance of your driveway.

When will my street be plowed?

When it begins to snow our chief objective is to plow our main and secondary roads. Once the snowstorm ends, we will complete the cleanup of those primary roads and then begin to plow the plats and side streets. Please be patient. We realize everyone would like to be plowed out first but this is impossible. Once a storm ends it takes between 6 to 10 hours to completely plow all the streets.

What if I need to get out for work or errands?

Unfortunately, we can only plow one street at a time. Please do not call Public Works to ask if your street can be plowed for this reason. To expedite snowplowing the drivers are instructed to continue plowing one street to another in the same area. We get many calls from people telling us they need to get to work. Sending plows from one area to another to plow one street will severely hamper and lengthen the snowplow operation.

What if I have an emergency?

If you have a real emergency, please call 911. They will contact our department and we will dispatch the proper equipment to facilitate the emergency.

Why does the snowplow go down my road so many times?

To properly clear the streets a plow may make 3 to 4 passes on each side of the street. The deeper the snow, the more passes necessary to clear the streets.

What happens if a plow knocks down my mailbox?

Public Works does not repair mailboxes that have been knocked over by the snow. This is an unfortunate byproduct of a snowplow operation. When snow is pushed to the side of the road it becomes extremely heavy and can damage mailboxes.

What happens if a plow damages my lawn or sprinklers?

If your lawn is damaged, call Public Works to report the damage. Someone will go and look at the damage. If the damage is significant we will repair the area with loam & seed. We DO NOT repair sprinkler systems that have been installed in the Town right-of-way. The property owner or resident is responsible for the repairs.

Is there a parking ban in effect when it snows?

Yes, when snow is predicted a parking ban will be put into effect for at least 24 hours to assist the snowplow operation. The information will be broadcast over the local TV and radio stations.

When it snows what should I do with my trash and recycling?

If it snows on the day your trash and recycling is scheduled to be picked up, please put your containers in location were they are less likely to be affected by the snowplow operation, such as a corner of your driveway and a couple of feet off the edge of the road. Plows must push snow to the sides of the road and cannot avoid containers placed along the edge of the road.

What about my yard waste?

If it snows yard waste pick up will be delayed. The Public Works Department is responsible for yard waste pick up and must plow snow first. When it snows we ask that you do not put your yard waste out by the curb. The snowplow will probably knock the bags over or they may lose strength and break.

Other Yard Waste Info!

Yard waste is picked the month of January. This includes Christmas trees and yard waste bags. Please do not overfill fill your bags or make them too heavy. The weight limit is 45 lbs. If they are too heavy we will be unable to lift them into our trucks. Bags that are left at the curb for extended periods may become weak and break. Only put your yard waste at the curb a day before it is scheduled for pick up.