Health Department FAQ's

I am selling my house; do I need to have my septic system inspected?

Yes, Title 5 requires the inspection of the septic system or cesspool when a property changes hands. The Board of Health has a small list of private sector state certified inspectors. Click here to visit DEP's website.

How do I locate my septic system?

The Board of Health files has plans called “as-Builts”. This plan shows the location of your septic system. If you have had a Title 5 inspection on your property the system will be located in the report. The Board of Health does not have all “as-builts” on file. You can call us and we will let you know if there are any records on file.

My home has a cesspool; do I need to put in a septic system prior to the sale of my home?

No, as long as your cesspool passes Title 5 you will not have to put in a new system.

How long does it take for my septic plan to be reviewed by the Health Agent?

The Board of Health tries to review all plans in a timely fashion, however due to the work load the plans can take up to 45 days which is in the regulations.

I have a complaint regarding an establishment in the Town of Seekonk, do I need to leave my name?

No the Board of Health will act on an anonymous complaints, however if you wish to have a response from the Board of Health regarding our investigation you will need to leave your name and number.

How do I have my property sprayed for mosquitoes?

You will need to contact the Bristol County Mosquito at (508) 823-5253 to request your property be sprayed.

I have a dumpster on my property and received a bill from the Town for the annual disposal bill.

All residential properties will receive a bill for the annual disposal fee. In order to receive an exemption on your property you must have a dumpster permit no later than July 1st issued by the Board of Health. Once you receive the invoice from the Town you must submit it to the Board of Health so an exemption will be given on the trash portion of the bill. The Board of Health can not issue an exemption for the capping of the Newman Ave Landfill. The annual disposal bill must be submitted to the Board of Health no later than the due date on the bill.