Our Duties


  1. Create outreach materials for local businesses describing the costs and benefits of having a local Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Invite representatives from neighboring Chambers of Commerce to talk about their accomplishments to the Seekonk business community.
  3. Work with the BOS to have EAC members receive training in issues of economic development through the Massachusetts Economic Development Council (MEDC).
  4. Work with the Planning Board, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and/or EAC, develop a marketing strategy for Seekonk that includes highlights of business-friendly approaches within the community for commercial and industrial districts.
  5. Develop a business outreach program that includes critical information in a variety of media such as web-based material, e-blast notifications, mass mailings, workshops, etc.
  6. Work with the BOS to identify a liaison within the EAC to the South Eastern Economic Development (SEED) agency in order to better connect Seekonk’s small business community with technical and financial support.
  7. Work with the BOS to present a written economic development strategy to the Commonwealth that would help to leverage additional liquor licenses in the Route 6 area.
  8. Work with the Planning Board to research other models of development that are compatible with “large pad” sites including, but not limited to, Mashpee Commons, South County Commons, Patriot Place, and Legacy Place.
  9. Communicate directly with property/industry owners to identify challenges to re-occupation, expansion, or redevelopment in industrial districts.
  10. Work with the Energy Committee to continue to assess the feasibility for other non-retail uses of industrial lands including, but not limited to, renewable energy facilities.
  11. Work with the BOS to support the development of an Industrial Subcommittee within the EAC or Chamber of Commerce.
  12. Work with the Planning Board to identify areas within the community where the use of District Improvement Financing (DIF) could be used to leverage funding for necessary infrastructure upgrades.
  13. Identify a liaison to the Massachusetts Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC) to identify ways in which this organization can assist Seekonk with economic development and housing issues.