Conservation Commission

**Login & Password for remote participation in
May 18, 2020 Conservation Commission Meeting**

Zoom meeting link & notes:

Representatives to log in at 6:45 pm.
1) Identify yourself by your first & last name upon entry in the “waiting room” before being allowed to enter the meeting.
2) You will automatically be muted and must raise your hand with the Zoom function to be called on to speak.
3) The Zoom Chat feature will be disabled.
4) Hearing Flow:
   a) Chairman reads hearing into the record.
   b) Representative presents the project.  
   c) Question & answer between the Representative and Commission.
   d) Followed by opportunity for public comment (reminder in order to comment, you will need to raise your hand using the Zoom function)
   e) Close or Continue Public Hearing.
   f) Voting.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to protect Seekonk's wetland and water resources as well as to preserve land for open space and passive recreation.  

General Information:

The Conservation Commission Act grants authority to the Conservation Commission to acquire and manage open space and to encourage and monitor conservation and agricultural preservation restrictions.  The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act gives the Conservation Commission jurisdiction over wetland resources in Seekonk and all land 100 feet adjacent to the wetlands and 200 feet of perennial streams, with the purpose of protecting these natural resources to prevent pollution, to improve flood control, and to protect drinking water, wildlife, and fisheries.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Miller Conservation Agent 508-336-2944
Kim Lallier Sr. Secretary 508-336-2943

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Wallace Chairman
Mike Campagnone Vice Chairman
Nathan Socha Member
Kristin Kearney Member
David Roderick Member