Community Preservation Committee

Mission Statement:

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a Massachusetts law passed by the legislature in 2000 which provides communities with a dedicated fund for the preservation of open space and historic sites and for the creation of  affordable housing and recreational facilities.

Full Information About the Act...

The CPA was adopted by Seekonk voters  in April 2009 with a tax surcharge of 1.25%. For information about exemptions, including residential, senior and low income, please use spreadsheet link below.

The committee usually meets monthly and dates are posted in Town Hall and on TV9. Our meetings are open to the public and minutes are available in the Town Clerk's Office.

The Committee represents diverse groups within the town and has the responsibility for making recommendations to the town each year for projects which meet the goals of the Community Preservation Act. In addition to our regular meetings we will be meeting with local groups, official and otherwise, and holding public meetings to identify potential projects and to keep Seekonk residents informed of our progress.

It is important to remember that although the Committee makes the final selection of projects to be presented to an Annual Town meeting, it is the voters who decide which projects are approved. If voters do not approve a project, the money remains unspent.  It is also important to know that this money is a completely separate fund that cannot be comingled with Seekonk town monies.

The Committee is also responsible for ensuring that the financial requirements of the CPA are maintained. A minimum of 10% of the annual revenues of the fund must be set aside each year for the three core community concerns: open space, historic preservation and affordable community housing. The remaining money can be used in any combination for the allowed uses or held in an undesignated account. In this way the Town can build up its CPA fund for a bigger project than could be managed with just the annual disbursement of funds.

Committee Members

Name Title
Michael Dressler Historical Comm Rep. (2021)
David Sullivan, Jr. Planning Board Rep. (2021)
James Troiano Parks & Rec Rep. (2020)
James Tusino Housing Authority Rep. (2018)
John Alves Chair (BOS) (2022)
Priscilla Dunn (BOS) (2022)
Richard Wallace Conservation Comm Rep. (2021)
Susan Waddington (BOS) (2022)
Willit Mason (BOS) (2023)