Disposal Billing FAQ's

What time period do disposal bills cover? How often are they billed?

Disposal bills are billed annually, based on fiscal year.

  • Example: Fiscal 2017 = July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

Who determines the base rate fee amount for the disposal bill? How much will my disposal bill be for the upcoming fiscal year?

The disposal bill per unit rate is set by the Board of Selectman. This rate is determined after the DPW Superintendent submits disposal costs to the BOS for that billing fiscal year. This process usually takes place each year, no later than September (the month the bills are issued.)

When are disposal bills issued? What should I do if I do not receive one?

Disposal Bills are issued in the month of September and due in the month of October. If you have not received a bill please contact the Collector’s Office for a copy at 508-336-2930.

Can I make partial payments on my disposal bill?

Partial payments are accepted on disposal bills. Please be advised that a partial payment does not stop additional charges if a balance is due after the due date.

Partial payments must be made payable to the Town of Seekonk and paid at the Collector’s Office, either by mail to Collector’s Office, 100 Peck Street, Seekonk, MA  02771, dropped in the white payment box (no cash) located to the left of Town Hall’s front door, or in person at the Collector’s Office (office hours). Demand notices will be issued in November for any unpaid balances, with the additional $10.00 demand fee and applicable interest charges.

I need to change the address on my disposal bill, who do I notify?

Please contact the Assessors Office on any address changes at 508-336-2980.

I’m selling my house and my disposal bill is paid in full, will I receive a refund from the town?

You will not receive a refund from the town; however, it should be handled and adjusted at the closing by the closing attorney.

I received a disposal bill for a property I no longer own, what should I do?

Please forward the bill to the Collector’s Office with a note explaining that you no longer own the property and we will forward it to the new owners. Please do not write on the bill for we can not generate an exact duplicate.

I just bought my home and I am receiving a disposal bill, is this my bill or the prior owners?

Disposal Bills are generally adjusted at the closing. Please contact your closing attorney and inquire how they handled the property’s disposal funds.

My house was foreclosed and I am still receiving bills, why?

Per Massachusetts General Laws we must mail all real estate bills to the assessed property owner as of January 1st. Since we use a real estate file to create disposal bills, the same would apply. Please contact the Bristol County Registry of Deeds at 508-822-0502 to inquire if a deed has been recorded with the bank as the new owners. If a deed has not yet been recorded, please contact the mortgage company that has foreclosed upon your property to inquire when such deed will be recorded.

If I don’t pay my disposal bill, what will happen?

After the original bill, a demand bill will be issued for all outstanding accounts. If the account is still outstanding it will be placed as a lien on the properties Actual Real Estate Bill.

My property is vacant; do I still need to pay this bill?

Yes, there are no exemptions for vacant properties.

I don’t use the town trash service, why am I receiving a bill?

All properties that are residential or mixed use receive a disposal bill whether they use the service or not.

I bring my trash to my business/workplace/other residence; do I still have to pay this bill?

Yes, there is no exemption for disposing your trash elsewhere. Please note, transporting trash over the roadways in Seekonk without a valid permit is illegal. If caught a fine will be issued, $100.00 a day.

I have a dumpster, what should I do with this bill?

All residents are obligated to pay the Landfill Capping portion of the bill. Effective 7/1/11, residents with Dumpsters were offered the opportunity to request an exemption from trash services when applying for their Dumpster Permit. If you have any questions regarding the Alternate Vendor Exemption please call the Board of Health at 508-336-2950.

Can I hire my own hauler and choose not to participate in the Town’s Disposal Program?

Yes. A resident may choose a private hauler and must follow the Alternate Vendor Exemption guideline on the bottom of the Disposal Bill. Any questions on this exemption please contact the Board of Health at 508-336-2950.

Am I still able to use the Town’s services if I opt out?

By opting out of the Town’s disposal program you forfeit the use of all of the Town’s Disposal Services with the exception of bringing recyclables and yard waste only to the transfer station.

Why do I have to file for an Alternate Vendor Exemption every year?

As each year arises, the Town does not know if your disposal needs have changed. Some properties may decide to start using the Town’s services or may decide to use both an Alternate Vendor and the Town’s services due to allow them to use the Town’s recycling program.

My property is situated on a neighboring town and Seekonk, whose trash service do I utilize? Or, I use the neighboring towns service and am receiving a bill from Seekonk, who should I contact to resolve this?

Please contact the Assessors Office at 508-336-2980; they can assist you with the above situations.

Is there a Hardship Exemption?

Yes. Please follow the Hardship Exemption guidelines on the bottom of the bill.

I’m a senior citizen, is there a exemption available for me?

Contact and inquire with the Assessors Office at 508-336-2980.

If your residence has a dumpster or alternate vendor, please do not ignore the bill! You must file for the Alternate Vendor Exemption every year with the Board of Health!!