REMINDER: Inspection Request Process

All permit holders must request inspection using the online permitting portal linked below:

*Log into your account and select "Active" from your dashboard.  Click on the permit # you would like to request inspection on. Once you are in the permit you will select the "Inspection" tab which will bring you to a list of available options for your permit type.  Select the inspection type, this will take you to the next page to choose the date you would like to request and allow you to enter any site specific notes for the inspector such as lockbox locations & codes or special contact information. Once this information is saved it will transmit to the office for dispatch to the inspector.

Reminder: Building permit cards must be posted & available for all inspectors for each inspection requested.  If the Building Permit Card is not posted & available upon arrival to the work site, no inspection will be performed and a re-inspection fee will be charged & payable before re-scheduling inspection.