About Us

Our Goal

Together, Animal Control, Save A Pet Society, Inc. (SAPS), and Volunteers strive to make the animals in our care: 

  • Comfortable 
  • Well fed 
  • Provide excellent veterinary care 
  • Treat illness or injury 
  • Seek out new homes for unclaimed animals through our adoption program

Who We Are

  • The Seekonk Shelter is a municipal shelter staffed by the Animal Control Department.
  • We do not take "owner-turn-ins" - However we do accept back an adopted animal from us in certain situations. Please call and speak to an officer if you are having a problem with your adopted animal. We may be able to help you remedy the situation or refer you to the appropriate professional that will know what is best to handle your particular situation.
  • We have animals that we have determined to be candidates for adoption  
  • We have an application process, so no one leaves "the same day" with a new pet, but with a non-refundable deposit we will hold an appropriate animal of your choosing while we process your application