If I don’t pay my disposal bill, what will happen?

After the original bill, a demand bill will be issued for all outstanding accounts. If the account is still outstanding it will be placed as a lien on the properties Actual Real Estate Bill.

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1. What time period do disposal bills cover? How often are they billed?
2. Who determines the base rate fee amount for the disposal bill? How much will my disposal bill be for the upcoming fiscal year?
3. When are disposal bills issued? What should I do if I do not receive one?
4. Can I make partial payments on my disposal bill?
5. I need to change the address on my disposal bill, who do I notify?
6. I’m selling my house and my disposal bill is paid in full, will I receive a refund from the town?
7. I received a disposal bill for a property I no longer own, what should I do?
8. I just bought my home and I am receiving a disposal bill, is this my bill or the prior owners?
9. My house was foreclosed and I am still receiving bills, why?
10. If I don’t pay my disposal bill, what will happen?
11. My property is vacant; do I still need to pay this bill?
12. I don’t use the town trash service, why am I receiving a bill?
13. I bring my trash to my business/workplace/other residence; do I still have to pay this bill?
14. I have a dumpster, what should I do with this bill?
15. Can I hire my own hauler and choose not to participate in the Town’s Disposal Program?
16. Am I still able to use the Town’s services if I opt out?
17. Why do I have to file for an Alternate Vendor Exemption every year?
18. My property is situated on a neighboring town and Seekonk, whose trash service do I utilize? Or, I use the neighboring towns service and am receiving a bill from Seekonk, who should I contact?
19. Is there a Hardship Exemption?
20. I’m a senior citizen, is there a exemption available for me?