Someone else paid my Real Estate tax(es), what should I do?

If your real estate tax account shows a payment that you, your mortgage company, or closing attorney did not make, you should make your tax payment as required so there is a credit available for the Town to refund the mistaken payor. If any payment(s) posted to your account was/were in fact erroneous, it is conceivable that you may be contacted in the future for reimbursement by the payor(s) who made the payment(s) in error, or by the Town of Seekonk. If you have an escrow account with your mortgage company, be aware that it may be affected by any payment errors made by third party payors. Mortgage companies and banks sometimes make payment errors. We do not bill them, they electronically choose the accounts upon which they wish to pay. If you believe your account was paid in error, please contact and inform the Collectors Office.

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20. Someone else paid my Real Estate tax(es), what should I do?
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