Bike Patrol

The Seekonk Police Bike Patrol Team was established in 1995 and was considered by many as one of the first bike patrol teams in the region. With a very large commercial district, the bike patrol team was formed as a way to combat crime and move through the area more freely. It was funded through community police grant money and it allowed us to put more officers on the streets of Seekonk.

It first started out as a three man team and has worked its way into a patrol team consisting of more than a dozen officers. Through the years the bike patrol team complimented the patrol division by patrolling parking lots, neighborhoods and most of the Route 6 corridor. The bike team first started out with two Trek Mountain Bikes and has progressed into six Fuji Mountain bikes. Each and every officer is mountain bike trained through the police COBWEB training program. This program is advanced training for police officers and must be completed and passed in order to be a certified mountain bike patrol officer. To this day Seekonk Police Bike Patrol Officers can be seen riding around within the commercial district patrolling parking lots and visiting store owners.