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Town Clerk
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Town Clerk
Assistant Town Clerk
100 Peck Street
Seekonk, MA  02771
Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Wed: 8:30am - 7:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 12:00noon
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and here are a few reminders from
the Town Clerk'S office...

A Special Town Election will be held on August 8, 2017
at The Seekonk High School from 7AM - 8 PM

It is a ballot question on Article 16 approved at the June 2017 Town Meeting.The question will be asking shall the Town of Seekonk be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bond issued in order to design, purchase and install the Public Safety Radio project.

News Release
On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, the Town of Seekonk will be conducting a special election concerning bond approval for the Seekonk Public Safety Radio Project. The special election is the final step toward replacing the radio system used by the police, fire and communications departments.

The current radio system is over eleven (11) years old. The system includes several remote receive sites, portable radios, and mobile radios. The system equipment has reached its end of life. The system utilizes telephone lines to transmit voice data. Public safety has experienced numerous radio system failures due to the use of telephone lines.

A professional study was conducted and a proposal to replace the system was presented to Seekonk Residents at the Spring Town Meeting. The proposal entails the replacement of remote receive sites in order to alleviate "dead" spots in town. At present, dead spots in town preclude public-safety personnel from transmitting to, or receiving from, pubic safety dispatchers. The proposed remote receive sites would operate utilizing point-to-point technology, not telephone lines. Point-to-point technology would provide increased reliability and redundancy in case a tranmission path fails.

The proposal calls for the replacement of mobile and portable radios. At present, these items have been failing at an increasing rate and has resulted in money being expended to complete repairs. At some point, they will be incapable of being repaired.

In anticipation of an FCC mandate that is expected in the year 2023, multi-band radios would be purchased. Such a purchase will prepare Seekonk Public Safety for a more-seamless transition when it occurs. In the mean time, the purchase of multi-band radios will enhance the ability of Seekonk Public Safety to operate on the various radio frequencies being used in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Such interoperability is crucial to the success of public safey during times of critical incidents.

Cost of the project is estimated to be approximately $3.02 million. Impact on a median residential tax bill would be $45 per year at the onset, reducing to $33.44 per year by the end of the 10-year bond.


The results of the election
Yes 471 No 288

Special State Election information for Bristol & Norfolk Senatorial District- to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of Senator James E. Timilty.

August 30, 2017             Last day to register to vote for the state primary
September 19, 2017       State Primary

September 27, 2017       Last day to register to vote for state election
October 17, 2017            State Election

Don't forget to license your dogs. There will be a late fee imposed starting June 1, 2017 of $20.00 per dog
Top 3 Reasons to license your dog
1. To control/prevent the spread of rabies
2. Easy identification to return lost dogs to their owners

We realize that several internet sites have us listed as providing passport support but we do not. That service was discontinued 5 or 6 years ago. We apologize if the internet direct you to us, we have tried to get this removed with little success. That being said if you need passport information go to:
this site has all the information you need to either renew or get a new passport.    

The Seekonk Town Clerk serves the residents of Seekonk through its function as official record keeper for:
Town Meeting, Vital Records, Administration of Elections and all voter related activities. 
Records found in this office are: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses; Zoning Decisions; Town Meeting Records; Annual Town Reports and Special Reports to Town Meeting; Elections and lists of those who have served the Town of Seekonk in elective or appointive office.
This office also issues: Marriage licenses, Dog licenses, DBA certificates, Yard sale permits.
The Town Clerk  maintains records of amendments to the Town By-Law, and Zoning By-Law and references to accepted State Statutes.
This office accepts the required postings for all public meetings.
The Town Clerk conducts the Annual Census and maintains the voter lists.  The department conducts all Federal, State and Local elections.
The office attempts to respond efficiently, accurately and speedily to all requests by Town Officials, Boards and members of the public.
Our office welcomes inquiries from all citizens seeking assistance/information in relation to services provided by the Town of Seekonk.  The staff will assist in redirecting your questions to the appropriate department. 

~ Mission Statement ~
It is the mission of the office of the Town Clerk to be a primary provider of information and quality services to the community and to work cooperatively and in coordination with the varied departments and groups while performing a myriad of tasks to achieve established goals and comply with state and local statutes

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