Conservation Commission

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to protect Seekonk's wetland and water resources and preserve land for open space and passive recreation.  

Under the Conservation Commission Act, the Conservation Commission can acquire and manage open space, and encourage and monitor conservation and agricultural preservation restrictions. Under the Wetlands Protection Act, the Conservation Commission has jurisdiction over all of the wetlands in Seekonk (including streams, lakes, reservoirs, ponds marshes and swamps) and all land within 100 feet adjacent to the wetlands and within 200 feet of perennial streams. Under this law, the Conservation Commission is charged with protecting these natural resources to prevent pollution, to improve flood control, and to protect drinking water, wildlife and fisheries.

The Conservation Commission is a volunteer board. All meetings of the Conservation Commission are open to the public. Some common proceedings before the Conservation Commission are:

Request for Determination of Applicability

This request leads to a determination of whether the Commission has jurisdiction and, if so, will the resource be affected. As a result of this action, the Commission may find any of the following:

  1. The Commission has jurisdiction and will require a Notice of Intent (see below.)
  2. The Commission will not require a Notice of Intent, but will impose Conditions.
  3. The Commission does not have jurisdiction.

Notice of Intent

This document requires a Public Hearing, with notification of abutters within 300 feet of the property. It usually requires the preparation of plans by a Registered Professional Engineer. Once the Public Hearing is complete, the Commission will either:

  1. Issue an Order of Conditions for the proposed work, or
  2. Deny the project for inability to adequately protect the resource

An Order of Conditions is valid for a period of 3 years, and may be extended once for 1 year.

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a legal document which confirms that an Order of Conditions has been satisfied or that no work has occurred. Applicants must request a COC once the work is completed.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Miller Conservation Agent 508-336-2944
Kim Lallier Conservation Secretary 508-336-2964